Digital payment options, including local deposits. We also provide tax & tariff advisory 

We facilitate small & medium-sized trade between Africa & Brazil 

The options go far beyond exchanging raw sugar and poultry for crude oil. We believe the key to the future of trade between these regions is the exchange of knowledge and technical capabilities.

In the past, opportunities for collaboration have been hidden behind language barriers, tariffs, complex trade regulations and tax laws limiting trade to big corporations and governments. Until now. 


SOLUTIONS that make trade easier


Connecting vetted buyers & sellers across a wide range of industries 



Digital payment options, including local deposits. We also provide tax & tariff advisory. 



Digitally executed binding contracts that make it easier to enforce sales agreements. 



For executives who want to build technical partnerships & learn best practices.  


Assistance with logistics  and international freight. 



Brazil is the world's fourth largest market for beauty and cosmetics,

2,turning over US$12.8B in 2019 from approximately 2,400 local manufacturers.

There are many opportunities for partnerships between African beauty entrepreneurs and Brazilian manufacturers.

Brazil also has a high demand for organic products that Africa can supply.

Source: Euro Monitor


163 Brazilian brands have franchise operations in 107 countries.

The top 10 franchised brands in Brazil have a total of 20,642 outlets.

Top sectors include fashion, health, restaurants & hotels.

In 2019, by Q3 total

turnover in the sector had hit US$11B.

Fast growth cities in Africa & the Middle east can get to market fast with Brazil's top-quality, ready-made service  & hospitality brands.

Source: ABF

We facilitate creative opportunities for small and medium-sized trade 

between Africa & Brazil,

both within and outside traditional sectors like agricultural machinery, 

commodities, industrial vehicles & construction materials.


A 2019 pet census revealed a total of 139.3M 

pets in Brazil, 

with 54.2M dogs and 23.9M cats

In 2018, the pet industry turned over US$6.48B making Brazil the second-largest pet market in the world. 

The local industry has a total of 162,148 services providers

(including 580 factories employing 55,486 people) across pet food, accessories & medicine. 

Source: Institutopetbrasil


While African toy entrepreneurs were struggling to find local manufacturers, Brazilian toy manufacturers

turned over $1.67B in 2018 alone.

In 2017, the industry recorded 406 factories, providing 33,791 jobs.

Shared cultural interests & social  issues suggest that this is another area for win-win collaboration. 

Source: Abrin.

Why Africa?

Development Goals

Brazil's experience farming similar crops, extracting minerals and building infrastructure is a competitive advantage in critical African sectors.

Rising African Consumer 

Already  leading world population growth, Africa's disposable consumer income is also on the rise and is expected to grow from US$680B to US$1.3T by 2030

Cultural Ties

Similar culture and tastes provides a  ready market for off-the-shelf products & services, from cosmetics to financial  technology.

Why Brazil?

Industrial Capacity

Superior manufacturing competence 

in industries that are critical to Africa's current needs.


Does not produce lower quality for export. National quality standards are export- ready.

Closer Than Asia

At just 9-15 days to most ports in Africa by sea. Delivery is 2 - 3 times faster than shipping from Asia. 

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