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The bulk of trade between Africa and Brazil involves raw commodity or mineral resources. Little or no additional value is added before export. It's a huge missed opportunity - one that we help our clients to take advantage of. 


Commonly cited trade inhibitors include:

  • Language barriers 

  • Complex trade laws

  • Complex tax laws

  • Entrepreneurs in Africa are unaware of Brazil's industrial capacity .

  • Brazilian manufacturers are not aware of Africa's buying  power.  

  • Lack of convenient payment channels 

Despite these challenges, many opportunities await:

  • Move away from low value commodity exchange, which accounted for 99.91% (US$7.645B*) of the top 80 products traded in 2017.

  • Reduce triangular transactions and make savings through direct trade.

  • Increase agro-business trade, which only accounted for 0.09% ($69m*) of trade in 2017, evidence that Africa is not taking advantage of core Brazilian  competencies. 

Our proprietary trade solution addresses these inhibitors and opportunities.  Before Gringo Parceiro, Africa-Brazil trade experts were few and hard to find. Now our team of  experts is unlocking profits for small and medium-sized businesses in critical growth areas on both sides of the south Atlantic.

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